New Patients

Oral health is very important for many people and finding a dentist who perfectly suits their needs is a priority. To help familiarize you with our practice, here is a brief description of everything you should expect during your first visit at Dental Care of Spring Hill in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

During your initial meeting at our dental office, our dentists will thoroughly discuss with you the various treatments that we offer including those that specifically suit your needs. They will guide through and will be ready to answer any questions that you may have about your oral health.

Appointment Reminders

It can be easy to forget when you scheduled a dental appointment but now we will remind you with an Appointment Reminder via email or text message.  And if it's your first visit, we'll be happy to provide driving directions. Just click on the link below to let us know how you'd like to be contacted. We'll do the rest!

Appointment Reminder Consent Form

Download the release of records consent form.

Records Release Form

We suggest visiting our office twice a year to prevent any cavities, tooth decay or any other oral health issue. During these routine checkups, the teeth are cleaned and treated to ensure that they remain in good shape. In addition, during these routine checkups, our dentists can track your oral health condition and work on any preventive procedure to maintain your oral health.

Dental Care of Spring Hill is ready to provide the help and care your teeth require. Schedule an appointment with us for a clean, healthy and beautiful smile. Visit Dental Care of Spring Hill in Spring Hill, Tennessee or call us for an appointment.

Find New Patient Form here:

New Patient Form